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British troops risk their lives to protect the UK and our way of life

but what about the people who should be watching their backs?

Unfortunately, it seems very few are actually doing their jobs...

The Views of Stephen McPartland MP
MP for Stevenage, Hertfordshire

His views on the official explanation for the events of 9/11

Refused to say - Despite repeated enquiries Stephen McPartland MP refused to give any opinion on the validity of the official explanation for the events of 9/11. He may believe the official story or he may have his doubts, either way he simply refused to say.


Stephen McPartland MP was asked by Stevenage constituent, Mr Mallett, to state his opinion on the validity of the official explanation for the events of 9/11. Despite the question being repeatedly asked over a period of 12 months Steven McPartland used a number of methods to avoid providing any sort of relevant answer. Even when informed of clear evidence which proves the official explanation to be scientifically impossible Steven McPartland preferred to remain squarely on the fence and even refused Mr Mallett's requests for an appointment to discuss the matter further, and maybe get a straight answer, at one of his surgeries.

Steven McPartland finished by falling back on an excuse that "I simply do not agree that as a British Member of Parliament representing Stevenage that I can interfere in the internal judicial processes of the USA."

Steven McPartland was never asked to interfere in any way with the United States judicial system. British troops are not controlled, financed or staffed by the United States but they were sent to Afghanistan by the British Government as a direct result of a British analysis of the attack on the United States on 9/11. Overwhelming evidence now shows that analysis to be badly flawed and that is what Steven McPartland was asked for his views on.

Judging from the brief communications Stephen McPartland did send he seems to have no interest in the safety of British troops serving in Afghanistan including those members of his own constituency currently serving in Afghanistan and whom he represents in the UK Parliament.

When the truth about 9/11 does emerge Stephen McPartland MP will have no possibility of the old "I didn't know about it" excuse.

Information relevant to an ability to understand the evidence

Stephen McPartland MP is a member of the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. Hopefully this would indicate that Stephen McPartland has at least some understanding of the basic laws of physics as taught to school children. It has been clearly explained to Stephen McPartland that the official explanation for 9/11 breaks several of those same laws of physics but with he has made no response.

Other information of note

Prior to being elected an MP, Stephen McPartland was the Director of Membership for British American Business (the US Chamber of Commerce), based in London.
Source - Stephen McPartland's own website biography

Contact log

Only Stephen McPartland and Mr Mallett's names have been included below. Since it is not known if Stephen McPartland's assistants share his views their names have been obscured to be fair to them.

Index of correspondence




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Final email to Stephen McPartland MP

05/09/2011 - Further email sent to Stephen McPartland MP

Hi Stephen

I take it I'm not going to get an answer to my question then?

I notice that you have never endorsed the Bush Administration version of events in any of your emails. If you do have concerns I can understand why you would be very reluctant to say so. Getting a reputation as a 'conspiracy theorist' would pretty much end your political career. It is a shame however that you feel powerless to be able to even discuss or question the event which continues to shape our world.

I suspect I'm wasting my time here so I'll leave you with one more nugget of info:

If you look up the term 'Al-Qaeda' on Wikipedia it gives the following definition...

ďAl-Qaeda is a global Sunni Islamist militant group founded by Osama bin Laden sometime between August 1988 and late 1989.Ē

In fact the term 'Al-qaeda' means 'base' and is short for database. It was coined by the CIA as a name for a database they kept of Mujahideen fighters created in the 1980s. Donít take my word for it; this information was highlighted by the late Robin Cook when he was Foreign Secretary.

So the group which has become the 'bad guys' or the world and enabled laws to be passed and people to get rich from war and death was originally created and controlled by the CIA. When do you suppose they might have given up that valuable resource?

Bin Laden was treated in a US hospital in Saudi Arabia a few weeks before 9/11 when he was already wanted for a whole list of crimes by the FBI. Why wasn't he arrested then?

The 19 hijackers are still on the FBI website with their names and pictures as they have been since a few days after the attack. Since then at least 6 identities have been proven to be incorrect with 3 being serving Saudi Airline Pilots. Surely the most important thing to discover about any crime is the identity of those who carried it out before any punishment is doled out.

I'm not surprised that you wonít do anything about this but I am surprised and disappointed that you donít seem to want to even find out the truth.

Good luck with your career,

Mr Mallett.

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