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British troops risk their lives to protect the UK and our way of life

but what about the people who should be watching their backs?

Unfortunately, it seems very few are actually doing their jobs...

Full details of the BBC complaint from Paul Warburton

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Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


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Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to the BBC Trustees


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


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Letter to the BBC Trust


Letter to trustees on the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


Letter to the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit


Letter to the BBC Trust


Letter to the BBC Editorial Standards Committee


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Reply from BBC - Conspiracy Files Annex 2 (PDF)

01/07/2011 - Letter to the BBC Trustees

BBC Trustees
Chair of Editorial Standards Committee
180 Great Portland Street

1st July 2011

Dear Miss Hastings,

Your colleague John Hamer wrote to me on the 21st June saying I would hear from BBC Audience Services in "due course" in reply to my 2nd complaint letter dated 10th May re the BBC's coverage of 9/11. To date I have still not heard from them. A delay of over 7 weeks. This is not a practice in my law firm. We reply within days to letters or inquiries from clients, one of the reasons we are popular. I was prepared to be patient and to put this down to inefficiency however that view changed in the last few days. As from now I am going to take the delay as hostile action towards my line of inquiry. I say that for the following reason.

I watched a 3 hour video last weekend of my friend Professor Niels Harrit being rudely and aggressively interviewed by one of your producers Mr Rudin. As a lawyer I cannot say that was a fair, open, honest and respectful interview of a man who is simply putting forward a scientific viewpoint. The interview had all the hallmarks of a hit job. It was like watching prosecution counsel in court. For the first 80 minutes Prof Harrit was being asked his opinion about matters he had no direct expertise about eg the death of Osama Bin Laden. The DVD was made by and sent to me by Prof Harrit and he permits me to refer to it here. It should be a parallel copy of Mr Rudin's own version. Mr Rudin was aware he was being filmed. You may wish to view Mr Rudin's own unedited version to see whether I am correct in that summary. I found it repulsive.

So believing I am now being stone walled in a time process the BBC have clearly laid down and which the BBC are not abiding by I am writing to a wider group of people each week that passes. I have approached individual BBC news presenters and asked them this summer to do their own individual research on 9/11 and contrast it with the mantra the BBC present. I have also approached and am in discussions with the national church organisations listed at the base of this letter. They also have a responsiblity to teach the truth and protect the innocent. I also have friends in the States who are distributing my material to wide networks. You will understand if the BBC of all people have been wrong in their news presentation to millions of people who trust it there is a lot of work involved in correcting that perception. So for the sake of the record;

  1. The BBC's "conspiracy files" (CF) programmes produced by Mr Rudin select, craft and massage evidence which backs the official version. It does not refer or even allude to ....
  2. Victims family members who say the Official Commission failed to answer 70 % of its questions. Did you know Bob McIlvane who lost a son on 9/11 is a key person in the current New York "Building What ?" campaign ? Why didn't the BBC talk to him or the "Jersey Girls" (9/11 widows who demanded an Official Commission in the face of Govt opposition and walked out when Ms Rice gave testimony unsworn) ? Instead we hear we are upsetting other family members by not letting the issue drop.
  3. CF does not ask the opinion of experienced pilots (including ex fighter pilots) (www.pilotsfor911truth) who say novice and even experienced flyers COULD NOT fly the alleged hijack planes in the way they were supposed to have been flown on 9/11. You may wish to watch the BBC's Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond drive a formula one car for the first time -he couldnt. It is a similar parallel. The idea of stepping out of a Cessna and flying a 900 km/ph jet with precision is frankly ludicrous !!
  4. The BBC in CF fail to interview people like April Gallop who stepped out of the hole at the Pentagon and say there was no significant aircraft wreckage. The BBC only interview (Mr Rudin's comment in Prof Harrit interview) an FBI agent who says he did pick up a piece of fuselage. Obviously such a contradiction requires an inquiry. What it does not allow the BBC to do is to let it back up the official version when there is so much contradiction. Any courtroom judge would ask to see the clear footage of the Boeing hitting the Pentagon. The BBC have not pursued that reasonable request with the authorities in your CF programmes. Instead the FBI rounded up every CCTV footage that day. The public have not seen.
  5. The CF fail to interview any of the 50 firefighters (www.firefightersfor911truth) who heard explosions in the WTC on 9/11. Instead it only interviews those who confirm the official version.
  6. The BBC do not tell the viewer in "conspiracy files" that the BBC themselves after 9/11 said that 5 of the alleged suicide hijackers are allive and well in the Arab world !
  7. Finally the BBC do not refer to its own history. BBC 2 Timewatch in 1992 clearly showed, in wall to wall interviews lasting 150 minutes with Western high ranking police, politicians, judges and intelligence officers, who said "operation Gladio" was a means whereby elements of western Govts infiltrated left wing terror organisations to incite them to violence in order to maintain political control in Europe in the 60s to the 80s from communism !!! Please have the imagination to think elements of the FBI/CIA and some US Politicians could have done this on 9/11 and if they are that devious a few will have already penetrated the BBC and lie resident in your organistaion waiting to bat me and my kind off. I understand the Gladio documentary is no longer in your archives. You just maybe old enough to remember Bologna and Prime Minister Aldo Moro.
  8. I say again Please conduct an independent investigation into this asap or please drop all vestige of being fair, unbiased and Independent. A gross crime was committed on 9/11. We just need to identify the killers and those who cover up for them. Its a straight forward murder inquiry.

I remind you again of the BBC's Richard Dimbleby's heart wrenching speech as he entered Belsen prison camp in April 1945 available on Youtube. Everyone nowdays should visit a camp like that and learn lessons from history. He would be horrified to know that some in the west are perpetrating new horrors and twisting events to fit the dialogue.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Warburton

cc other Trustee Editorial Standards Committee members

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